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Zagreb Metro
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The Zagreb Metro is a planned metro system, set to compliment the Zagreb tram system and Zagreb Commuter Rail. Currently it is not yet clear if the system will be a full metro or a light Metro. The first plans were presented in 2004, under which a light Metro would be built, going at speeds of up to 35km/h.It has been stated that the full Metro is not worth building, A full metro costs twice more than the light metro, and can carry up to 70,000 people per hour in a direction. Forecasts predict that by 2020 the maximum load of passengers will be 7,000. The light metro's capacity is 24,000, but due to the significantly cheaper cost, it is the preferred choice.City Authorities announced plan for new Metro System consisting of 4-5 metro lines. Phase 1 of the new metro is going to be 22.7km long, of, of these 10km underground. The Metro system will be based on light rail PTN system currently in use in Vancouver, San Francisco or Singapore, but a full metro system is also a possibility.

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